M10SE Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

$299.00 NZD

Brand BlackBox


Highly functional and extremely adaptable, the Blackbox model M10SE meets the reality of tough travel.

Comfort & Design

Acoustically-engineered design and advanced materials ensure that on every journey your sound is more important than the background noise.  With premium cushioning within the head pad and full-size ear pads, the M10SE is ideal for stress-free extended wear.

Advanced Audio Technology

ANR Active Noise Rejection technology delivers deep bass, clear vocals and natural highs to the audio of your choice, with comfort. On aircraft. On Transit. Everywhere that  you need control of your sound.

Enjoy Immediately

Purchase the plug-'n-play Blackbox M10SE today and upgrade your music experience on every journey - or when simply gliding through your daily routine. Your Sound. Less Noise.

Key Features:

  • World-leading ANR noise-cancellation eliminates low frequency background noise
  • Comfort-designed for extended listening - ideal for travel
  • Portability ensured through strong, weight-saving materials
  • Durable construction for longer life
  • Powered by a replaceable, single AAA battery (up to 40 hours use)
  • Audio function is retained even when battery runs flat
  • Low power warning light
  • Compact design for ultra-portability
  • Multi-format music sources: MP3, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Cellphones and Smartphones † (check device manufacturer's guidelines for compatibility details)
  • Includes: easy-fit adaptors for use with aircraft in-flight entertainment, with home audio, portable audio, tablets and e-readers
  • Protective hard-sided carry case for travel or storage - includes sturdy 'D' ring for handy luggage tag/personal I.D.

Accessories Included: